What is Career Direct® ?


A comprehensive career assessment system that combines Psychometric principles with cutting-edge career guidance technology and statistics. 結合心理學原則和先進職業指導科技與統計學的全方位職業生涯評量
With more than 20 years of development, Career Direct has undergone rigorous testing and validation and over $2.5 million invested in Career Direct® development
生涯指引在發展超過20年以來經歷了嚴格精密的測試和驗證且傾注投資超過 250萬美元
Career Direct examines four essential components of career selection: personality, interests, skills, and values. As a result, Career Direct is one of the most comprehensive guidance systems on the market today.
生涯指引是現今市場中最全方位的指導系統之一,職涯指引卻分析四個職業生涯抉擇的主要構成要素: 個性、興趣、技能和價值觀。

Career Direct®

  • Career Direct® teaches a process based on truth
    Career Direct® 教導一個 根據真理 的程序
  • Thousands of reliable testimonies that confirm Career Direct as an accurate, measurable, trustworthy assessment tool
    幾千個可靠的見證確認Career Direct®是一個正確、可測量、值得信任的評量工具
  • It is a process that works over the long haul
  • It is not only practical; it is also for a person’s life
  • Removes guesswork, emotionalism
    避免 猜測 、感情用事
  • Helps manage career direction and progression
  • Encourages good stewardship of their given gifts and resources
  • Guidance on which talents and skills to develop and sharpen in an ever changing culture
  • Highlights the four key areas of a person’s design in the comprehensive

Connect with a Career Direct Consultant to get registered to take the assessment

Meet with your Career Direct® Consultant to work through your Detailed Report

Research career fields and occupations that align with all four areas of your design

Become a life-long learner in this field and work with excellence

Take Career Direct again if significant things have changed in your life/Career/job change

  • Career Changes
  • Faulty Foundations
  • Career Error & Mismatch
  • No Process for good decisions
  • Career Struggles
  • Which Career Assessment Tool?
  • Who Can Give Accurate Career Guidance?
    誰能提供正確的 職業生涯指引?

Unique Design


The biggest news our culture needs to know is that we have a “Designer” who does not engage in mass-production, short-lived work, but created each human being personally, individually, and uniquely...with a one-of-a-kind design.


What they say...

What are our clients are saying about Career Direct®?

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L&D Head from Banking industry
Feel thankful to Career Direct consultant for introducing personality instruments I have taken, this is distinctive assessment tool which enable people to explore best-fit career options based on unique design for each of us.
Clinical Operational Director from Private Clinic
Appreciated the personal consultation services from Career Direct consultant, very good services from the consultant and highly recommended for my clinical staff.
Sales & Marketing Head from Insurance industry
Highly Recommend to my subordinates especially job change or new joined staff.
Experienced Sales & Marketing Director from Healthcare Industry
Career Direct detailed report helped me to understand more about my hidden interest and strengths which I cannot find the same report when I was young, even now is closer to retirement age, but it can help to re-build my 2nd part of life and well prepare for my retirement.

We believe the Career Direct® guidance system can be an invaluable resource to help you do this!

我們相信Career Direct® 完整的指引系統是能幫助你 做到這一點的寶貴資源!

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